Frida Kahlo – Correspondence with Sophie Faucher and the Mariachi Figueroa

Alliance Française de Toronto - 24 Spadina road - Toronto

On Stage – Theater play

Frida Kahlo—Correspondence

With Sophie Faucher and the Mariachi Figueroa

Letters, messages, confessions, poems, diary… Frida Kahlo wrote as she depicted herself in her paintings. During a fiesta-like performance, with Mariachi to back it up, Sophie Faucher plunges headlong into the literary and musical universe of this woman of genius, a prominent figure in Mexican painting. Her writings, unlike her paintings, were not intended for the general public. “I shall always write to you with my eyes,” she said. So here is an intimist look tracing the existence of Frida the painter, Frida wounded in body, Frida the militant, Frida in love with human beings and words.

Cet événement est organisé par : Alliance Française de Toronto

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