Tales from the wind in French

Alliance Française de Toronto - 24 Spadina road - Toronto

Young Audience – Young Audience

By the Sacré Tympan company 

The subject is the birth of the earth and the sky…the world of shadows…and a tremendous storm…

During the performance, the musician plays several pieces. Audience members are asked to contribute to the sound effects of the tales with several instruments and objects supplied by the artist (bird calls, spring drum, cymbals, thumb piano, etc.).

From the soprano saxophone to the flute, from the didgeridoo to the ocarina, the bansuri and suling flutes, the audience will discover a whole variety of wind instruments and fascinating tales.

Presented by Pierre Labbé : acting, voice, baritone and soprano saxophones, flute

Show for 5 to 12 yo children

Cet événement est organisé par : Alliance Française de Toronto

Pour en savoir plus : https://www.alliance-francaise.ca/en/culture/young-audience/tales-from-the-wind